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Here is the Pinterest page for Attorney Anne Harvey. The main board will be about Anne’s new website which we spent a lot of time on to create a useful easy to navigate site witch is visually stimulating. Here is the main board for Attorney Anne Harvey.

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Anne Harvey, Dayton Attorney has launched a new website

Anne Catherine Harvey, LLC has launched a new website. The new website is focused on providing you with good information and has a responsive design which means that it will look good on mobile devices. For those of you who do not know Anne she is an Attorney in Dayton Ohio who is an OSBA Board Certified Specialist in the Field of Family Law.

Anne Catherine Harvey is an OSBA Board Certified Specialist in the Field of Family Law. Anne grew up in Miamisburg, Ohio and attended the University of Dayton, where she earned a B.S. and J.D. Following law school graduation in 1985, she accepted a position with the law firm Rain Harrell Emergy Young & Doke in Dallas, Texas, and successfully passed the Texas Bar Examination on her first seating. At Rain Harrell, Anne practiced government contract law and civil litigation with national practitioners. She learned and practiced excellent document drafting skills and attention to detail. While at Rain Harrell, Anne presented two trial cases in federal court and discovered her true calling to trial work.

In 1989, Anne returned to Dayton, Ohio, and worked as a trial attorney in the Contract Law Center at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. In 1991, Anne decided to leave her position to enter full-time private practice in order to implement her own ideas and philosophy about practicing law. Fiercely independent, Anne works on all varieties of family law cases including contested and uncontested divorces, child custody issues, modifications of custody and child support, enforcement of orders, and high-conflict parenting cases.
Anne brings maturity, passion, intelligence and tenacity to legal practice. She belongs to a variety of national and state bar associations and offers volunteer legal work to charities of her choice. She considers each client to be an individual asset to her practice and looks forward to an association with each client for many years.